Esque Studio

Esque Studio’s booth at ICFF made me stop and just stare. Everyone in the booth was cleaning glass objects and curiosities from lights to terrariums to trophy heads.


From the designers:

Our concept is staged in the future but just barely into the future, 2015, Esque Studio and Number 1 Son, created a collection of items drawing inspiration and referencing the objects, from the past, and our very near future. Our goal was to create modern heirlooms, so exotic and unique, that it truly would be an object passed on to generations to come.

Some of the themes that we are exploring in our collaboration:

Juxtapositions of symbolism. What is the most extreme hyper-masculine version of a Ice Bucket, or a Decanter, a hanging terrarium? Our aim was to distort everyday items typically thought as gender specific.

Flirtations with scale and decadent fantasy.

Anachronisms. Out of time, out of place.

Revival of the fittest. Now that survival is out of the way, what’s next? Horticulture?

Faux-Real. Formed glass to reference a body part, or leather formed to look like a ballistic metal shield, or barbaric armor. The quest for authenticity in a world where slogans like “the real thing” are a substitution for substance.

High and Low. noble savage to noble.

I am not sure if it’s just me, but in my opinion, people want to be surrounded by nostalgic objects and reminded of a simple time. Which lead us to some of the objects, like the travel bar, the obj(slingshot). For the travel bar we wanted to make it kind of cumbersome, as if it would force you to slow down, you’re lugging this case, with a decanter, cups, and a bottle opener, meant for levity/recreation. There was also this running joke, we would keep telling ourselves, that we wanted to bring back drinking as recreation.

Xtra Terrarium

Wall Tears

Skull Decanter

One Off Mirror

Nest Terrarium

Travel Bar

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