Every Day Is Better With Sunday Monday’s Block-Print Pillows

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Every Day Is Better With Sunday Monday’s Block-Print Pillows

If you ask Brendan Kramer and Nisha Mirani which product most accurately reflects their textile studio Sunday Monday, they might just say Kanso, the designers’ recent and first full pillow collection. Beyond the studio’s design values, Kanso also represents Kramer’s Japanese heritage and Mirani’s Indian heritage. The collection is named after one of the seven principles of Japanese zen philosophy, “kanso,” which refers to the elimination of clutter in order to promote well-being. While designed in New York City, the pillows are block-printed by hand in Rajasthan, India, an homage to Mirani’s cultural background.

three pillows on a white day bed in living room

The block designs are first carved into local teakwood at the same time that 100% European linen is washed, dyed, and prepared for the hand-block printing. In an open air workshop located on a family farm, fifth generation artisans carefully imprint the designs, a production that requires a very particular skillset because of the size of the block prints. Even changes in weather, specifically rain and high humidity, can delay the process. Once dried under the Rajasthani sun, the textiles are wash, dried, and finished.

two pillows on white bed

two pillows on white sofa

close up detail of block print design on pillow

In addition to their cultural heritages, Kramer and Mirani were inspired by Isamu Noguchi’s iconic Akari lamps for their elegant silhouettes and simple materials. The architectural lines found in the pillow collection are a reflection of the bamboo framing of Noguchi’s lamps. Negative space highlights the rich colors of the dyed linen while the various dualities seen – light and dark, sun and moon, circles and squares – represent Sunday Monday’s textile collection.

a wavy pillow on white sofa

blue circle pillow on white sofa

two red pillows on white sofa

two red pillows on white sofa

three monochromatic pillows stacked on top of each other on white sofa

four circle pillows on white sofa

man sitting on the floor with woman in blue dress sitting on sofa

Brendan Kramer and Nisha Mirani of Sunday Monday

For more information or to purchase pillows from the Kanso collection, visit

Photography by Aaron Bengochea.

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