F5: Travis London Loves Bold Features, Color + His Dogs

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F5: Travis London Loves Bold Features, Color + His Dogs

Born and raised in the City of Angels, celebrity chef turned interior designer, Travis London, brings together American design sensibilities and European glamour. As the principal of Studio London Co, he began his design journey in New York City, followed by years in Paris and Milan, on a voyage to explore and perfect his strong use of color and pattern. It’s these things that have become synonymous with Travis’s work today. His interiors are delightfully playful, embracing bold features and colors alike. Following his time abroad, Travis settled in Miami Beach, where he currently lives in an ever-evolving home that also acts as his design lab and showplace. Travis has been recognized and featured in numerous publications, including Architectural Digest, Domino, the Wall Street Journal, and more.

Today Travis London is joining us for Friday Five!

brown-skinned man sitting on white soft in front of light pink wall

Photo: Roy Ritchie

brown-skinned man wearing shorts and baseball hat while working out

1. My Morning Workout at Barry’s Bootcamp

Every morning, to get my day started, I have to get in a morning workout at Barry’s. This is my one hour of the day where I don’t think about anything else other what’s going on in that red room. This is my one hour out of 24 to center myself and my body and just focus on me without any outside distractions. I can tell you there are days I don’t want to workout, but I push through them and I show up and thats all anyone can do. Just show up. Barry’s is also like a little community of built-in friends, so there’s also the connection with people who are there with the same goals in mind.

light-skinned man and woman walking hand in hand

2. Gianni + Donatella Versace

Gianni and Donatella Versace can do no wrong to me. The way they design, their creativity, their strength – I find it all so inspiring. Outside of the world of fashion, Gianni had the best homes. For my 16th birthday, my parents got me the book Do Not Disturb by Gianni Versace, which chronicles all of his different homes. I even tried to replicate his bedroom in his Lake Como home in my bedroom at 16. To this day, that book and the style and designs of both Gianni and Donatella constantly inspire with their bold uses of color and unexpected details.

pastel colored commercial buildings

3. Miami, Florida

I am constantly inspired by Miami. I am a designer who is known for his bold and colorful designs and who cannot live without color. For me, a life without color is a life without love. Being a designer, our elements and surroundings are instrumental in our lives as they are constant forms of inspiration. Luckily I live in a city where color is everywhere around me. I live in the art deco district of Miami Beach, and can go out my door and find beautiful sources of inspiration in the colorful art deco buildings. Or I can cross the bridge to Wynwood and see incredible murals by talented artists lining the streets. Miami is forever inspiring me.

brown-skinned man in blue shirt and white pants with two dogs

Photo: Venjhamin Reyes

4. My Dogs

My dogs are my life and my world revolves around them, but they have also become a huge part in how I think about design. When I’m designing spaces, I am very cognizant of how certain fabrics and furnishings will keep up with the wear and tear of having animals – and that comes from having them myself. My dogs also keep me very balanced, as no matter how busy my work gets or how successful I grow I still have to pick up dog poop every day and it is a very humbling daily chore.

cover of book that reads The Guide to Period Styles

5. History Books

I love spending hours with design books on past centuries. To be great, we must learn from the past. Nothing is ever new, just a new interpretation of it. I love going through books on the 16th and 17th century for inspiration.

Work by Travis London:

living space with hot pink armchairs, spots rug, and striped side table

Photo: Venjhamin Reyes

living space with bright orange sofa and painting of three brown-skinned women

Photo: Venjhamin Reyes

home office with wood design and light pink walls with white lined figure

Photo: Venjhamin Reyes

bedroom with large paintings and animal print bed frame

Photo: Venjhamin Reyes

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