Fitzroy Loft by Architects EAT

Fitzroy Loft is a minimal residence located in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Architects EAT. Fitzroy Loft is located inside the 125 years old MacRobertson Chocolate Factory, adapted for mostly residential use in the early 90s. With original concrete floors and sawtooth roof structure, the space that the project occupies is a strata title on the first floor, with its own entry door at street level.

The architects approached the conversion mindful of its context and historical significance. Up-keeping the integrity of the original factory structure was vital. Within this, the architectural strategy was to devise a series of spaces linked by three internal voids. These vertical voids not only allow the architects to highlight the original factory heights, but more importantly let light and air deep inside the interior.

Steel structure and fenestrations are used throughout the new insertions so as to distinguish them from their original timber counterpart, whereas the joinery finishes are chosen for the slight industrial lineage to the historic fabric.

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