Five Favorites

From modern athleisure-wear to vertical gardens and design posters, here are some of our current favorite things:

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Five Favorites

Ivy Park_Bodysuit

Lemonade is not Beyonce’s only new project… She also has a bold athletic-leisure line hitting stores. Ivy Park features black and white graphics that will undoubtedly be embraced by modern women everywhere…


Neon signs seem to be the fun trend lately for workplaces and homes alike. While many feature type design, this one from Electric Confetti is extra cool.

Blick_Sketch Box

After seeing this illustrated diary from Samantha Dion Baker, you’ll want to step yours up a bit. And you can, with the Sketch Box Set. You’ll see it pop up in Baker’s Instagram feed where she shares videos of her watercolor illustrations.

Architectural Alphabet

If you love architecture and have a special appreciation for all design genres, this alphabet poster available at Present & Correct is for you. Each letter is meticulously designed to represent an important pice of architectural history.

Image from Buildipedia

Image from Buildipedia

This temporary Green Technology Showroom in China takes vertical gardens in a linear direction. The garden provides insulation for this structure made of recycled steel.

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