The Five Fields Play Structure Was Designed with No Purpose

06.27.17 | By
The Five Fields Play Structure Was Designed with No Purpose

Boston-based Matter Design Studio wanted to create a space that cultivates imaginative exploration, something children and adults alike don’t seem to engage in much these days in a world where fast thumbs try to keep up with even faster technology. So, in collaboration with FR|SCH Projects, they designed a structure that doesn’t serve any purpose whatsoever! Entitled the Five Fields Play Structure, the project has form but it lacks function, and this essential characteristic is what makes it so unique.

It seems like long gone are the days when imagination reigned supreme during a child’s playtime. Matter Design Studio sought to bring back some of that inventive thinking by depriving the structure of any specific use, functions or instructions. There’s no doubt what one needs to do with the surrounding swing set, slide, and jungle gym, but with this twenty-foot vertical sculpture, you have to experiment and explore. There are stairs that lead to nowhere, unexpected entrances, and colorfully ambiguous signs. Here, inventiveness and creativity is needed in order to discover the space and unfold its design.

Learn more about the Five Fields Play Structure here.

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