Form Us With Love Is Creating Sustainable Change with FORGO

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Form Us With Love Is Creating Sustainable Change with FORGO

It’s not often we get excited about hand soap but Stockholm-based design studio Form Us With Love (whose designs we’ve written about before) has us eagerly awaiting their latest product to start shipping. FORGO is Form Us With Love’s third venture following their TID watches and BAUX wood tiles. Looking to instigate sustainable change in the personal care industry, the studio successfully crowdfunded their first product: a refillable, powder-to-liquid hand wash packaged in paper. In the place of one plastic bottle, you can get 20 refills instead, effectively eliminating plastic waste in our landfills.

Because liquid soap is primarily made of water (around 80-95%, in fact), Form Us With Love designed their foaming hand soap so that you can refill your bottle at home with your own water. They created a minimalist 250ml glass bottle made in Portugal and worked with a lab specializing in natural cosmetics to create a refillable powder consisting of 6 naturally derived ingredients, all deemed safe by the EWG Skin Deep and 5 are COSMOS (COSMetic Organic and natural Standard) certified.

The product is very thoughtfully designed to be sustainable. The powder comes packaged in sustainably-sourced and compostable/recyclable paper sachets. The scents themselves are sustainably made. Wood is distilled from timber yard scraps in Canada and Citrus is distilled from leftover pulp and peel from organic juicing plants in the Caribbean. For those who prefer no fragrance, Neutral is available, too.

To create your hand wash, all you need to do is add powder + water and shake to mix.

FORGO will start shipping their foaming hand wash in recyclable paper boxes and envelopes this September 2020. You can preorder yours now.

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