Fragmenta by Micaela Lattanzio

Micaela Lattanzio is exploring the fragmentation of identity through her newest work, Fragmenta. Both a photographer and an artist, Micaela takes portraits of subjects and then systematically cuts and rips them up into abstract shapes.

1 Fragmenta Micaela lattanzio

She then painstakingly pins the fragments together onto a new canvas, recreating the original piece, but fragmented. Or, the Italian photographer will weave together different photos to create a completely new image.

8 Fragmenta Micaela lattanzio

By both destroying and reconnecting the fragments, Micaela explores the intricate paths of consciousness, where the reality of oneself is actually a tangle of unique perspectives.

2 Fragmenta Micaela lattanzio

3 Fragmenta Micaela lattanzio

7 Fragmenta Micaela lattanzio

4 Fragmenta Micaela lattanzio

6 Fragmenta Micaela lattanzio

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