Friday Five with Jake Dyson

Last month at ICFF, London-based industrial designer Jake Dyson (yes, his dad’s the vacuum guy) introduced his latest design to the US market, the CSYS LED task light. It’s an environmentally conscious, dimable LED lamp with a controllable light spread that uses a new heat pipe technology that lasts for 35 years. Nifty, right? Dyson, who established his studio in 2004 and is known for his lighting, also has a history designing interiors, from retail environments to clubs and cafes. For this week’s Friday Five, Dyson delves into gastronomy, architecture, and engineering.

1. Helicopters
The most refined engineered machine made which exposes all the working mechanics. This is my all-time favorite mechanical object.

2. Crustaceans
I am a big fan of seafood. I find the taste completely clean and pure. It requires minimal preparation and I feel like I am having a cleansing detox when I eat it. The articulated legs and claws of the creatures, especially crabs and lobsters, are fascinating to look at too.

3. Ferrari FF
In my opinion, this is the most beautiful car that has ever been designed. It is not a bald man’s sports car. It is not spivvy; it is elegance personified with the performance of a racing car. It’s a Ferrari that doesn’t look ostentatious or flashy, just beautiful.

4. Couveture & The Garbstore
I don’t wear designer labels. I prefer clothes that are comfortable with a perfect fit, but that have creative elements that stand out, such as the color of buttons or the stitching. It is important to be and feel individual, which I don’t think can come from wearing designer labels. All my clothing comes from the Garb store in London, which is a treasure trove for trendy, well-made clothes.

5. Shard Tower
I dislike morphic objects, which is why I love the Shard in London. It is a pure, elegant, primary shape made out of glass; and it’s not square! It is simple but imposing, cutting a fine figure against the city skyline.

Marni Elyse Katz is a Contributing Editor at Design Milk. She lives in Boston where she contributes regularly to local publications and writes her own interior design blog, StyleCarrot.