Friday Five With Joyce Downing Pickens of JDP Interiors

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Friday Five With Joyce Downing Pickens of JDP Interiors

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Los Angeles-based interior designer and owner of JDP Interiors, Joyce Downing Pickens’ love of design was born during travels as a child. Her goal with every project is to create beautiful, comfortable and textural spaces, while also providing clients with superior customer service and project management. Joyce continually collects and curates to achieve the perfect blend between vintage and modern styles and loves watching her visions come to life. JDP Interiors is a full service interior design firm that focuses on providing clients with beautiful spaces that seamlessly blend new and old world design aesthetics. Their goal is to create a bold but timeless space with sophisticated design that’s rich in texture. JDP tends to gravitate towards simple, earth-toned colors coupled with well-crafted furniture and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Today Joyce is joining us for Friday Five!

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1. Dr. Gross Peel Pads
I can’t live without these! They have been the magic solution and have completely changed and resurfaced my skin, preventing breakouts and dryness. During this time, I’m also a huge advocate for self-care and love finding small things that help me feel better, refreshed and energized so that I can take on the day.

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2. My Dog
Life isn’t worth living without a dog and I highly recommend adopting! She is my constant source of entertainment, keeping me in stitches most of the day with her silly antics and the perfect companion. You will never have a better best friend. Throughout COVID, I’ve found it to be such a wonderful time to adopt since we have more time at home these days. There are a lot of opportunities to take advantage of this new way of life!

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3. Travel
I get antsy if I stay in town too long. I absolutely crave travel in order to remain inspired at work, to check-out from the daily to-dos and to visit family and friends I can’t otherwise see! Though it is a difficult time to travel right now, you can find inspiration through a variety of outlets (i.e., my last pick for books!). I use a lot of this inspiration in my design work as well through colors, art, materials, textures, etc.

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4. Vintage Art
Our whole house is covered with vintage paintings. I think I have an addiction! I also love the challenge that comes with sourcing the perfect mix for my personal home and my clients’ projects. There really are no rules here, which I love. It’s the best way to add character and personality to a space.

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5. Books
When I am not able to travel in person, the next best thing is reading. The feeling a book can evoke for a place, a different life, an experience – there’s nothing like it. Especially during this time of no travel. Right now, I am traveling back in history and reading Sapiens.

Work by Joyce Downing Pickens:

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Photo: Amy Bartlam

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