Friday Five with Marie Burgos

Award-winning New York-based French designer Marie Burgos always begins with the personal vision and lifestyle needs of each client when designing interiors that are harmonious, sophisticated, and functional. A strong believer in the use of Feng Shui, her applications add a new level of optimum comfort and tranquility that everyone should feel in their space. Working hand-in-hand with the best in architecture and engineering, Marie’s unique visions are brought to life in both residential and commercial properties. She’s currently completing exciting new projects in New York, Florida, California, and other parts of the U.S. This week Marie is sharing some of her favorite things in Friday Five.

Photo by Marie Burgos

1. My children
My life changed drastically when I became a Mom almost 7 years ago. My children brought me so much unconditional love, balance, and perspective.
They also released in me a potential for multitasking, a level of patience that I did not know I had, and an ability to think and organize things by priority.
All this translated to a lot of positive energy, which I could apply to my business, attracting clients with families, and developing family friendly and fun interiors. My kiddos are also a huge wonderful source a hugs at the end of a long day.

Photo by Francis Augustine

2. My family island
My family is from the beautiful island of Martinique, aka the Island of Flowers. It is a small island, I did not grow up there but went almost every summer for vacations while growing up. Martinique represents life, colors, spices, fruits, beaches, grandparents, and cousins all linked by family traditions. It is today also an inspiration for my husband and I – our collection of furniture and lighting is inspired by the lines and colors of our Martinican heritage.

Photo by Olivier Burgos

3. My city of birth: Paris
I was born and raised in Paris. I got my first job in Paris. It is a city that forged my eye for admiring architecture, fashion, and for good food. My brother became an Executive chef, so French gastronomy was definitely part of my upbringing and I definitely enjoy great food. And I guess I made a combo of the best things that Paris has to offer which are fashion and architecture, and became an interior designer!

Photo by Karen Rauch Carter

4. Feng Shui
Feng Shui changed my life as I became aware of the impact of my direct environment on my mood, thoughts, and decisions. It is all about Balance and Harmony, letting good Chi in, balancing Yin & Yang, and integrating natural elements. It all started with this book 13 years ago… Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter.

Photo by WorldMarket

5. Tea Time
I lived in London for 7 years before moving to the U.S. and have adopted Tea Time since then. My favorite tea is Earl Grey, and it is always a relaxing feeling to seat down for tea with a scone or, even better since I am French, a piece of Tarte aux pommes!

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