Friday Five With Mark Stumer of Mojo Stumer Associates

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Friday Five With Mark Stumer of Mojo Stumer Associates

One of the founding principals of Mojo Stumer Associates, Mark D. Stumer has practiced architecture as a principal for over 30 years. A graduate of Pratt Institute, his expertise in architectural design, interiors and project management has allowed Mojo Stumer Associates Architects to evolve into the organization it is today. Stumer views architecture as an entire design process, wherein the design doesn’t end with a building – it must also include the function and aesthetics of the interiors to be considered complete. In addition to his architectural projects, Stumer leads design development and interior design at Stumer Mojo Associates, he also takes on the responsibilities of marketing, social networking, public relations and firm management. Instrumental in starting the Interiors Department at Mojo Stumer, he has an active role in its design direction and daily management. Stumer is also a member of American Institute of Architects, National Association American Institute of Architects, New York/Long Island Chapter New York State Society of Registered Architects and the Architectural League of New York. Today Mark joins us for Friday Five!

group of people

Photo: Mark Stumer

1. Family Time
Spending time with my wife Susan, our children, and believe it or not, we have four grandchildren, in some of our favorite places in Vermont, the Berkshires and Nantucket.

motorcycles in garage

Photo: Mark Stumer

2. Motorcycles
I truly love my motorcycles. They remind me of a point in my life without any pressure, tremendous freedom and the ability to go anywhere. I have named my motorcycles after the most important people in my life: Abe (my father), Gladys (my mother), Susan (my wife) and Sammy, which represents all the people in my family.

lake with landscape

Photo: Mark Stumer

3. Photography
My passion for photography and my Leica cameras. I have always admired and been in awe of great photography. I have become very proficient in the art and do 95% of our firm’s photography.

sketch of home

Photo: Mark Stumer

4. My Sketchbooks
I have been sketching since I was four years old. I carry a sketchbook with me all the time. My wife, over 30 years ago, had me start a sketchbook on our travels. Today they are very precious to me and hopefully will be passed down to my family reminding them of the many memories we had together.


Photo: Mark Stumer

5. ‘70’s Rock and Roll Music
Most Sunday afternoons you’ll find me in my backyard, smoking a cigar and listening to rock and roll music. Now that’s not a bad life!

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