Friday Five With Paola Zamudio of NPZ Style + Décor
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Paola Zamudio is a designer, collector, and researcher, as well as Founder and Head Designer of NPZ Style + Décor and Creative Director at Bell Works. Curiosity, wanderlust, and travel have molded her aesthetics into a collage of new encounters, places, and cultures experienced. The result is a bottomless well of inspiration that can be drawn upon for each new project. A graduate of Polimoda, where Zamudio received a Master’s degree in Fashion Trend Forecasting in 2013, she’s also earned a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree from Barry University with a specialty in Communications. Taking her education even further, Zamudio has also attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for their Fashion Styling and Image Consulting Programs, and completed the Interior Design Program at The New School. In 2014, Zamudio founded NPZ Style + Décor after working in fashion, design, and the world of startups. Today the full-service creative agency offers creative direction, branding, art direction, graphic design, social media strategy analysis, and event planning. Zamudio was recently named as a 2019 Design Rising Star by Interior Design magazine, and today she’s sharing five favorites with us in Friday Five.

Photo: Fernanda Fierro

1. Colombia
I love visiting my native country and enjoying the natural landscapes. It gives me great energy, reminds me of where I’m from, and the simple things in life. When I’m in Colombia, I love exploring all the different places: from the beautiful beaches to gorgeous mountains to the Guajira Desert to the capital of Bogota, which is where I’m from and where I have so many beautiful childhood memories. Love my beautiful Colombia!

2. Bell Works
This iconic building will always inspire me. Designed in the 1960’s by Eero Saarinen, the building is truly one-of-a-kind and magical. I love how Saarinen was ahead of his time, predicting the future of work and designing spaces that encourage innovation, collaboration, and curiosity. Bell Works is a mid-century modern architectural masterpiece that will continue to keep inspiring people for years to come.

Photo: Pawel Czwerwinski

3. Anthuriums
Simple, elegant, and beautiful – this is my favorite flower. They look unreal and have the ability to stand alone, and that for me makes a great statement.

Photo: Stanley Kubrick Archive

4. Stanley Kubrick
This past summer I had the opportunity to visit the Stanley Kubrick retrospective at the Design Museum in London. I was blown away by the way he meticulously planned and directed his movies and all of the research he did; he was extremely detail-oriented with his work. His movies were perfectly orchestrated, and he made sure that everything was in sync: music, color palette, mood, actors, etc. He made me feel that it’s ok to be a design control freak and that details are everything.

Photo by Michael Wilson

5. The Roving Hotel
I love taking little trips to unexpected places, and recently took a spontaneous trip to Morocco. I bought my ticket and landed in Morocco 48 hours later! I was hosted by a group of amazing people who create unique experiences in different places around the world, The Roving Hotel, and it was totally worth it. They provide very well-curated experiences for people who want to learn about other cultures, meet amazing people, and create magical memories.

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