Friday Five with .PSLAB

.PSLAB was borne in Beirut in 2004 out of a desire to provide unique lighting solutions. As lighting designers and manufacturers of site-specific lighting products, .PSLAB follows a tailored approach, collaborating with architects to create customized lighting concepts that takes every element of the space into account. Products are manufactured in their own factory using high-end materials, and assembled by their team of artisans using hand executed techniques, imprinting the products with an artisanal feel. In addition to its Beirut headquarters, the company has offices in Bologna, Stuttgart, and Helsinki, with plans to expand into Singapore next. Let’s look at the team’s Friday Five to learn about their philosophy and inspirations.

1. Steel 
At .PSLAB, we rely on the space and its characteristics to guide our choice of materials to use for a project. For that reason, we use a multitude of materials and objects, such as fabric, glass, headlights, and copper, to assist in our concept. However, we very often resort to steel for its natural finish, the ability to paint it different colors, and because of its different finishes. We are able to change its structure, treat it, and make it go through an aging process. We can work steel into the shape, color, finish, and size needed to turn our concepts into reality.

2. Merci Concept Store
Merci in Paris is THE concept store where fashion, interior design, and philanthropy meet. There are a variety of beautiful items under one roof here, including interior design, fashion, and books, as well as a café and restaurant. There is plenty to see and discover as you go from room to room; it’s like roaming through the rooms of a house. What once was a wallpaper factory now showcases an exciting amalgam of wonderfully basic, luxurious, eccentric, and vintage items.

3. The Traditional Tailor
Why the traditional tailor approach? Because we relate to it. A traditional tailor will follow a bespoke tailoring technique to create a custom-fitted piece that is unique to the customer. The client’s measurements, needs, and preferences are taken into account. High-quality material is used and put together with hand-sewing techniques to create a piece that is truly unique. It is no surprise then that we are big fans of this technique, as have based our entire process on the traditional tailor approach.

4. Aesop
We are fond (and often collaborate) with brands with which we share the same values. Aesop is one of those brands. Each Aesop space is unique and different from one another. They base the design of its stores on the elements of the environment that surrounds them. Each store is given a unique personality that reflects its locality. The company offers a customized service and its selection of products embodies its values. While our respective crafts are very different, the approach we follow and the passion we hold for it mirror each other.

5. .PSLAB Beirut Campus
Our .PSLAB campus has an open atmosphere. Its design fosters creativity for both the team and visitors. It is a peaceful and small creative corner; an escape within the city of Beirut. The campus is spacious and has allowed us to set-up products in the intended environment. Members of the creative team can be found working among product prototypes, using them as inspiration in their creative processes. We are constantly inspired by our surroundings, from the layout and colors of the spaces, to the sun-lit .PSLAB courtyard. In a nutshell, the space is definitely an exciting and inspirational campus to work in.

Photos 1 & 5 by .PSLAB.

Marni Elyse Katz is a Contributing Editor at Design Milk. She lives in Boston where she contributes regularly to local publications and writes her own interior design blog, StyleCarrot.