Functional Sculptures Inspired by Antiquity from Sebastian Errazuriz

07.04.18 | By
Functional Sculptures Inspired by Antiquity from Sebastian Errazuriz

Recently on display at the David Gill Gallery in London was Sebastian Errazuriz’s first ever solo show in the UK. The exhibition titled “Anything You Destroy, We Will Rebuild” showcases Greek and Roman sculptures that have been 3D scanned, digitally manipulated, and re-casted as functional sculptures.


Why? Errazuriz explains:

Many of the sculptures we have learned to love and revere are broken, fragmented. Would they be as mysterious and fascinating to us if we could see them in their pristine original appearance?

Errazuriz’s experimentation utilizes technological and innovative processes in design and art, including augmented and virtual reality.

Taking classical art and turning it into functional furniture might seem almost sacrilegious, which is exactly the line Errazuriz wants to explore. By taking a replica of the headless Nike (Winged Goddess) and turning it into a bookshelf, Errazuriz explores the balances of “tension and release, reverence and sacrilege, delicacy and brutality.”

To learn more about these functional sculptures, visit Sebastian Errazuriz’s portfolio.

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