Furniture as Art: The Canvas Chair and the Blank Table by Stoft Studio

10.03.17 | By
Furniture as Art: The Canvas Chair and the Blank Table by Stoft Studio

Stoft Studio (whom we’ve featured before) exhibited two new designs at this year’s London Design Festival: the Canvas Chair and Blank Table, both of which function as art and as furniture.

The seat of the Canvas Chair resembles and functions like an embroidery hoop to highlight the weaves and textiles like a piece of artwork. The studio worked with the Tärnsjö leather tannery for the leather seat version, textile design duo Butler/Lindgård to create the “Goosebumps” weave version, and the Klässbol Linen Weaving Mill to create the linen version. Canvas is a tribute piece of furniture made to showcase the materials and artistry behind the making of a textile weave or natural tanned leather hide.

Like the Canvas Chair, Stoft Studio created the Blank Table to also highlight art, this time in between the two tempered glass sheets that make up the table top. You can press different contents to reflect your own preferences and style, whether it be paint, dried flowers, textiles or your own artwork. In a world where manufactured furniture looks identical, the Blank Table was designed to cater to your own unique tastes.

Photos by Ulrika Kestere.

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