Furniture Brand Sundays Collaborates With Scott Sueme on Its First Artist Collab

05.12.21 | By
Furniture Brand Sundays Collaborates With Scott Sueme on Its First Artist Collab

Canadian furniture brand Sundays is rising the ranks in the North American furniture space for its timeless, minimalist and accessible furnishings, including sofas, chairs, tables, beds, rugs, and privacy screens. Today it’s launching its first installment of creative collaborations, starting with Scott Sueme, a Vancouver-based painter who focuses primarily on color. The Checkers rug is the first of three in the new collaboration.

Scott experimented with designing the rug as he does with a painting, playing with the harmony of textures on colors. He explains,

I jumped at the opportunity to design a rug with Sundays. With painting, I am always tweaking and tuning colours on a surface to get the harmony or contrast that I want, and in this case with the rug it was no different – we went through many samples to get the colours just right. Texture is an important component to my paintings as well, so it was exciting to work with pile heights and play with volume in certain areas. I’m really proud of the work we did and excited for the collaboration to expand further.

Although Sundays is a DTC furniture brand, customers interested in checking out their furnishings can stop by their current Vancouver + Toronto pop-ups. (US friends, stay tuned for their Los Angeles + Seattle pop-ups later this year!)

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