Furniture Designed for the Office of the Future

The office of the future is just about here. “Web 2.0” loud, open floorplans and their forefathers—the sea of cubicles and giant corner offices—are slowly disappearing. Office spaces are getting smaller—and smarter. More flexible. And coworking facilities are on the rise. We’re seeing more and more contract design that has a residential twist, an element of flexibility and the benefit of multifunctionality.

Till Grosch and Björn Meier designed a system called Ophelis Docks for German company Ophelis. Designed to complement main work task areas like desks, these modular systems were made to create different “office islands” such as communal meeting places or retreats for relaxation or concentration. The dimensions were made to match all other Ophelis furniture so that everything lines up perfectly and can be inserted seamlessly into this system.








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