Furniture Made from Shredded Elle Decor Magazines by Jens Praet

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Furniture Made from Shredded Elle Decor Magazines by Jens Praet

Designer Jens Praet collaborated with Elle Decor in his latest project Shredded. The four-piece collection consists of a table, a bench, bookcase, and low table made from what else but shredded magazines.

Shredded Table – Made from approximately 57 lbs. of magazines

Taking leftover Elle Decor magazines, shredding them, and forming them into furniture with the help of clear resin and molds, Praet has come up with such a smart way of turning waste into something useful. Offices produce enormous amounts of paper waste and this project really makes you think about it. Think about how many magazines it would take to make each piece and how they usually end up in a landfill or your recycling bin.

Shredded Table – closeup

Manufactured by Wandschappen, the confetti of shredded magazines and resin harden to a firmness similar to wood.

Shredded Table – closeup

Shredded Table + Bench

Shredded High Bench – Made from approximately 6.6 lbs. of magazines and can support one adult

Shredded High Bench – closeup

Shredded Library – Made from approximately 66 lbs. of magazines

Shredded Library – closeup

Shredded Low Table – Made from approximately 11 lbs. of magazines

Photos by Theo van Pinxteren, courtesy of Industry Gallery.

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