A Historic Levantine Apartment in Turkey Gets a Modern Update

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A Historic Levantine Apartment in Turkey Gets a Modern Update

The Gabriel Apartment is a modern renovation of a historic building which was originally designed by Italian architect Guglielmo Semprini, one of the Levantines of Istanbul.

Gabriel Apartment_01

Known for being architects called in to help modernize architecture in the 19th century, the Levantines also managed to respect the Ottoman tradition. As so, when architecture company Atelye70 was called in to once again design the space, they were sure to preserve the original Levantine touch.

Gabriel Apartment_02

The apartment used to be the last floor of a palace, and was specifically for the servants’ quarters. At that time, the floor was characterized by decorative frescos, which was the first thing that the architects focused on.

Gabriel Apartment_07

Gabriel Apartment_05

The original white plaster was removed, bringing more light in to highlight the fresco.

Gabriel Apartment_08

Gabriel Apartment_03

The original wooden floor was preserved, while the roof was completely redone, exposing the wooden beams.

Gabriel Apartment_09

In the bedroom, the architects continued to prioritize maintenance of the frescos, and created sliding closet spaces to preserve the look. Natural spruce, white, black, and dark granite were chosen to maintain a neutral palette that highlighted the historical features of the apartment.

Gabriel Apartment_04

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Photos by Emrah Aydemir.

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