Games and Puzzles to Keep You and Your Family Entertained

It seems like the entire world is living through strange times right now with offices and schools closing requiring a lot of time at home. There are a lot of hours in the day to be filled and they don’t all have to be spent in front of the TV or tablet (although there’s nothing wrong with that!). There are tons of games and puzzles that can be done solo or as a family when you’re searching for new things to do. To help keep you from going stir-crazy, we’re sharing 8 fun games and puzzles that will help you and your family pass the time during the current pandemic and beyond.

Acrylic New York City vs. London Edition Chess Set by Skyline Chess \\\ $136 (and up for wood or marble boards)
A playful, architectural spin on a classic chess set that rivals New York City’s most notable architecture against London’s, which means you’ll never look at chess the same way again.

Jack Puzzle by Craighill \\\ $95
Six different brass components encourage users to fit them back together to create the sculptural “jack” shape. Weighing in at one pound, the Jack Puzzle can sit on your desk as an object or paperweight, or it entertain you when you’re bored. Just don’t expect it to be as easy as it looks!

The Moon Puzzle by Four Point Puzzles \\\ $24.95
Marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch just last summer, Four Point Puzzles celebrates the momentous occasion with a challenging puzzle featuring a moon image from NASA. The circular puzzle features 1,000 pieces so it will definitely keep you and your family entertained for awhile.

Playing Cards by Fredericks and Mae \\\ $12.95
Whether a solo game of solitaire or poker for four, card games are a tried-and-true method of entertainment. Throw in a full-spectrum rainbow deck of cards and it’s bound to take the game up a few notches of fun.

Brave New Cube by Pretti.Cool \\\ $95
Pretti.Cool gives the 1933 soma cube a modern update with its pieces made from a combination of their favorite terrazzo textures. While it only has seven pieces, all unique, the cube can be put together in 240 different ways!

Pattern Puzzle – Arc by Dusen Dusen for Areaware \\\ $25
This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle features the colorful work of Dusen Dusen, a New York brand known for bold textiles with geometric patterns. Once you’ve completed the 18×24″ puzzle, you can always have it framed to enjoy your hard work and have a piece of cool art.

Edge Aluminum Dominos by  Fire Road \\\ $95 (cotton bag) or $125 (wooden box)
If you’ve never thought of yourself as a dominos person, you’d be surprised at engaging and fun it can be, especially when playing with a cool set. These dominos are made from durable aluminum with a black anodized finish and laser engraved number pattern. A modern, minimal interpretation of a classic game.

Blocks Multi Tabletop Backgammon by wolfum \\\ $215
Wolfum has been creating game sets for years and backgammon is just one of many. This wooden backgammon set features custom printed graphics in modern patterns that make this handmade set extra unique and heirloom quality. Another fun, classic game that will challenge your mind in the best possible way.

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Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.