Geoff McFetridge x Norse Projects Meets at the Crossroads of Design and the Great Outdoors

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Geoff McFetridge x Norse Projects Meets at the Crossroads of Design and the Great Outdoors

The last time we checked in with prolific Los Angeles-based painter and multidisciplinary artist Geoff McFetridge, he was just done giving his limited edition Vault by Vans collection a colorful cornucopia of flat 2D graphic imagery evocative of his life-long love affair with skating and his newfound affinity for sailing. McFetridge is back with another collaboration, this time with clothing label, Norse Projects.

Paper mannequin wearing Detail of Norse Projects x McFetridge grey t-shirt, cap, windbreaker and khakis in seated pose.

McFetridge and Norse Projects are anything but new bedfellows. The two worked together on a previous 2021 capsule collection inspired by the  conceptual theme of, “The farther you go the deeper it gets.”

yellow tshirt flat with Norse McFetridge type in black

two tshirts laid flat one medium brown and one navy blue with geometry drawings on them

white tshirt laid flat with rectangular image in red, blue, and yellow

This latest Norse Projects x McFetridge SS22 collection takes a similarly “open to interpretation” approach to outdoor gear: “Designed not merely as gear for the trip, but as a narrative on how technology, myth and sustainability influence our perception of the outdoors today.”

light grey sweatshirt laid flat with thin black line doodle

side back view of navy blue baseball hat with small logo

In his characteristic fashion, McFetridge utilizes simple typography and color blocking to infuse a graphical element to each piece, a spring summer collection represented by a selection of tees, vests, chinos, sweatshirts, hats, shorts, and pullovers. The capsule collection is designed to work either individually or layered in mix-and-match fashion for a grab bag of complementary colors.

side view of man painting wooden object on table

small wooden toy boat with man lying with knees up with small oars in hand

The Norse Projects x McFetridge SS22 collection is outdoorsy first and foremost, but the details communicate a subtle, yet clear nod that the prototypical Norse Projects customer is someone who works in the city during the week but also dreams of escaping to the countryside any chance they can get – a lifestyle reflective of the label’s own Copenhagen, Denmark origins – a design capital where nature has long played prominent as muse. It’s all clothing that says, the best time to seek adventure is today, tomorrow, and always.

Gregory Han is a Senior Editor at Design Milk. A Los Angeles native with a profound love and curiosity for design, hiking, tide pools, and road trips, a selection of his adventures and musings can be found at