Get Blissfully Stoned While Typing With a Brazen MASON60 Zen Keyboard

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Get Blissfully Stoned While Typing With a Brazen MASON60 Zen Keyboard

In similar spirit to the seminal 1974 bestseller, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenancea guide exploring a life embracing the rational and the romantic – Brazen’s MASON60 Zen Series presents the opportunity to inject a little bit of soul into the mundane task of typing with an earthen-inspired mechanical keyboard that would look right at home in Arcosanti or Taliesin West.

Brown stone keyboard with white keys against raked pink sand and two small stones.

Available in five different colors and stone finishes – White Granite, Basalt Black, Sandstone, Terracotta, Slate Grey – the Zen Series is a compact 60% layout ideal for small desks. Even so, because these keyboards are made from a cement resin composite, they’ve got a bit of a heft to them. Brazen uses an acid etching process to produce a look and feel of real aggregate stone, and in turn that extra weight gives the keyboard a solidity serving the mechanical keyboard’s tuned keystroke notes (if you need a little preview of the keyboard’s ASMR attributes, you can listen to the keystrokes here).

Adding a matching wrist rest adds $40 to the already princely sum of $180 for one of these stone cold cool keyboards.

Some of the finishes do have a bit of that fleck stone vibe we remember from our youth, but they’re also impressively and completely waterproof, and can be cleaned of dirt and stains with a dampened cloth without damaging the finish.

The Brazen MASON60 Zen Series Keyboard is available for $180 and $220 with a matching wristrest, with additional options to add cork, EVA foam, or both materials for dampening.

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