Adopt the Lounge Attitude with Playful Outdoor Lighting

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Adopt the Lounge Attitude with Playful Outdoor Lighting
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Lighting is the single most difficult thing to get right indoors. It can make or break a space, as lighting often affects our mood. Somehow that holds even more true outdoors.

If you have a garden or outdoor space and didn’t consider lighting fixtures before building it, you’ll be pleased to know that there is an amazing range of add on ways to bring light to the space. One of the biggest trends is to play up the lounge attitude, which is all about creating a great, relaxing atmosphere.


The first way you can make a fun statement is by going for an actual outdoor floor lamp that really replicates “indoor designs.” Fatboy — yes the guys who made bean bags ultra cool in the late 90’s —  recently launched their first outdoor light called Edison and it is classic with a twist…it’s huge! Simple, quite affordable and brilliant.

The second way to play up the lounge atmosphere in your outdoor space is to add lighted furniture.



The idea here is to go for the ultra cool and playful designs like those found in clubs in Ibiza and others around the globe. This first design, by Moree, is an easy way to make the leap without venturing too far. This works brilliantly on even the tiniest patio as a table or just a sculptural piece.



However, if you’re feeling very bold, then Modoluce’s new outdoor furniture is the design to go for. It’s a definite mood changer that screams fun and excitement! The brand offers a whole range of items from seats, tables, benches, to champagne holders and more! You have just got to check out some of their playful designs.