Get Things in Order with Bookends + Shelving System From TORTUGA

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Get Things in Order with Bookends + Shelving System From TORTUGA

TORTUGA founder Andrea Hill has good business sense running through her veins. Also the creative brand strategist behind Paloma Powers and CultureTM, Hill’s family has operated home goods brand Hills Imports for over 40 years. Through TORTUGA, she continues to bring the work of artists and designers to a larger audience. We’ve covered their Wave Shelf, and today we’re highlighting two more products: the Dumbo Bookends and the Pyramid Shelving System.

Both of these products bring together time-honored craftsmanship with innovative processes and are built to last, coming in several sizes, colors, and configurations. TORTUGA offers their sustainably sourced products directly from factory to consumer, making high design items available to you at a more affordable price. The brand also loves to collaborate with global designers to introduce lesser known materials to their audience.

Created for design lovers and bookworms alike, the Dumbo Bookends were made in collaboration with Ciszak Dalmas, the Madrid-based team of Alberto Gobbino Ciszak and Andrea Caruso Dalmas. By way of their motto – experimenting everyday – this series of curvy, flowing accessories was formed. Choose to be symmetrical, or mix and match across the series of sizes and colors!

Dumbo Bookend – Laguna

Dumbo Bookend – Sahara

Dumbo Bookend – Alpine

Dumbo Bookend – Luxe

Ciszek Dalmas \\\ Photo: Ana Larruy

Pyramid Shelving System – The Black and White Premium Set

A favorite among TORTUGA’s line of offerings is the Pyramid Shelving System, designed to be modular, customizable, and ready for your needs. You can opt for one of their bestselling sets or customize your own shelf by choosing your own parts. You can pair their Pyramid Brackets with your own shelf or using TORTUGA’s hardwood shelves with a different bracket.

Pyramid Shelving System – The Requisite Set, Double

Pyramid Shelving System – The Tide Set, Double

Pyramid Shelving System – The Rocket Set, Single

Pyramid Shelving System – The Tide Set, Single

Andrea Hill, TORTUGA Founder \\\ Photo: Jenny Regan

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