Globe Skateboards Designed With Built-in Wireless Speaker

01.05.16 | By
Globe Skateboards Designed With Built-in Wireless Speaker

A nod back to the days when skateboarders lugged boomboxes around town to add a soundtrack to skate sessions, skate brand Globe has partnered with Aussie Bluetooth audio company Boombotix to develop what they’re calling the world’s first Bluetooth speaker board.



Installed into the middle of the maple wood skate deck is a speaker fitted with a 50mm driver and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Fully charged the Globe skateboards are good for about 2 hours at full blast and for over 6 hours if played back at 70% volume. The deck takes about 3 hours to fully charge via USB charger, with the speaker/charger section ruggedized for bumps and splashes while riding.


Globe-GLB-GSB PINNER-skateboard


The Globe wireless speaker skateboards are available in two sizes, the 26″ length Blazer and the longer 41.25″ Pinner model, both complete with trucks and wheels.

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