Goldie : The Sourdough Starter Warmer Worthy of Counter Envy

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Goldie : The Sourdough Starter Warmer Worthy of Counter Envy

For years, I’ve observed (and benefited from) my partner’s lifelong passion for baking, a pursuit that surpasses my desire for that level of precision. My culinary approach tends to be more improvisational. That said, working the mason jar of starter into my ambitious counter-scape kitchen goals has tested my patience over the years. But delicious fresh bread is worth it, wouldn’t you say!?

Beyond the enduring 2020 trend and my kitchen counter, a new wave of captivating videos showcasing individuals meticulously stirring their bubbling sourdough starters and proudly displaying their crumb shots are once again flooding our social channels.

For some, this renewed fascination with sourdough is health related, claiming that adding more yeast and bacteria to your diet can significantly benefit your gut. For others, economic uncertainties are the driving force. With food prices soaring it’s hardly surprising that individuals are seeking ways to economize at the grocery store. Yet, could it be an emotional survival mechanism once again? Amid today’s current events, it’s understandable why people are craving activities that divert our attention away from screens.

Recently, I had the pleasure of cooking alfresco at Alma Farms alongside Monica Lee, formerly of the renowned Beverly Soon Tofu. Although this iconic Los Angeles institution has shuttered its doors, Lee has immortalized her home-style techniques in her cookbook titled Sohn-mat, a Korean culinary philosophy loosely translating to “hand taste,” where precision takes a backseat to feeling.

Despite baking’s reputation for precision, the journey of cultivating a sourdough starter ironically mirrors the pursuit of Sohn-mat, demanding intuition, and a willingness to embrace unpredictability. Variables such as hydration level, starter batch size, feeding schedule, feeding ratio, discarding, and temperature play pivotal roles in shaping the vitality and flavor profile of the starter. However, inconsistency in environmental conditions often poses a significant challenge to aspiring bakers.

Enter Goldie by Sourhouse™ – a smartly designed countertop device for warming (or chilling) your sourdough starter. Conceived by co-founders Erik Fabian and Jennifer Yoko Olson, Goldie addresses the critical need for consistency in keeping their starter active and healthy. Simply switch it on and place the starter jar inside the transparent, draft-free, warming dome. By maintaining a “Goldilocks Zone” temperature range of 75-82ºF, Goldie fosters an environment conducive to propel bacteria and yeast to be at their most active, ensuring consistent fermentation and flavor development.

jar of sourdough starter on a white kitchen counter

The sleek and minimal design is the perfect marriage of form and function. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, the innovative jar prevents dried starter buildup, while the silicone lid ensures effortless cleaning and storage. Sourhouse offers a complete solution for sourdough enthusiasts seeking reliability and convenience in their baking endeavors and their partners, seeking a chic kitchen counter display.

sourdough bread starter on a kitchen counter with yellow background.

Since its inception in early 2020, Goldie has garnered widespread acclaim worldwide. The founders even created a free crowd sourced Sourhouse Community Cookbook where tips and recipes are shared among a global community of bakers.

two people standing eye level with a jar of sourdough bread starter

Erik and Jennifer of Sourhouse

That said, if you do end up with a Goldie, as you knead, ferment, and bake, try to embrace the Sohn-mat of sourdough – a celebration of the artisanal touch. It is in this surrender to the whims of wild yeast and microbial cultures that a profound lesson emerges – beauty often thrives amidst chaos, and perfection is found in imperfection.

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