Hand & Craft’s Brutalist Concrete and Glamorous Marble Power Supply Kits

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Hand & Craft’s Brutalist Concrete and Glamorous Marble Power Supply Kits
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Hand & Craft is a small design studio based in Rockford, Michigan with a penchant for producing unique, handmade power supply solutions orbiting the space between heritage and boutique. Outfitted in a palette of tactile earthly materials – cast iron, concrete, leather, and marble – their small catalog is a world apart from typical electronic store solutions.

Of particular note is Hand & Craft’s hand-molded concrete and wood base HEARTH power supply – the cutest accessory intended for your favorite Brutalist enthusiast – and the more polished marble adorned MONUMENT tabletop solution shown below.

MONUMENT, © Jill DeVries Photography

Each design is outfitted with a single electric outlet and 2 USB ports, intended to live prominently on top of a table or desk with confident and immovable stability, port accessibility, with each characterized by an architectural aesthetic.

Made to order, each concrete HEARTH is polished to a smooth finish by hand.

Instant gratification isn’t an option when ordering a Hand & Craft’s product – each is made to order in Rockford, requiring up to 2 weeks to ship. But arguably the reward is an unusual conversation piece destined to make the presence of cords and cables a little more tolerable.

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