Hello Wood Designs a Reasonably Priced Tiny House Named Kabinka

08.06.20 | By
Hello Wood Designs a Reasonably Priced Tiny House Named Kabinka

Just like many other countries, the tiny house movement landed in Hungary a few years ago allowing people to live and build more consciously. There’s also been a growing interest in city dwellers wanting to escape the hustle to a more serene environment close to nature, which led Hello Wood to design the Kabinka. Designed and manufactured in Hungary, the tiny cabin is a modern structure that can work as a weekend holiday home or even a backyard workspace for those looking to mind a budget. The Hello Wood team took extra care during the design process and with material selections to ensure the cabin would sell for a reasonably affordable price making it more accessible to those desiring to go small.

After getting the overall designs down, Hello Wood made them into a flat pack kit that allows customers to assemble their Kabinka with prefab components. They believe that the use of industrial wall panels and unfinished wood makes it easier to put together as most people likely carries hidden talent and skills when it comes to DIY.

Kabinka is available in four sizes, from 12 to 20m2, and will comfortably include a tea kitchen, sleeping loft, bathroom, sofa, and stove. The structure can also be equipped to cool and heat for year-round use. Hello Wood can deliver the Kabinka unfurnished or fully equipped depending on the customer’s needs.

Video by Máté Lakos.
Photos by Zsuzsa Darab.

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