Hex by TURF Design Absorbs Office Sounds With a Dimensional Tile

04.28.21 | By
Hex by TURF Design Absorbs Office Sounds With a Dimensional Tile

As offices prepare for the return of its occupants, the need for effective sound absorption in commercial and public spaces will increase, especially as we emerge from the pandemic and navigate the guidelines of continual social distancing in the workplace. TURF Design just launched Hex tiles, which offer a new solution beyond traditional flat acoustic tiles – they dampen noise while giving a dimensional design to any space.

Made from TURF’s PET felt, a 60% pre-consumer polyester plastic, Hex merges four triangles together to create a convex, multidimensional form. The hexagonal shape creates a central triangle when tiled together, which can be positioned in a multitude of ways and directions. Combined with the previously launched Reed tile or on its own, Hex makes for a graphically stunning wall that effectively absorbs sounds and benefits all kinds of spaces. Hex is available in 8 TURF Textures (a digitally printed wood design with virtually no repeats for a completely natural look) in a range of 30 colors.

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