HiddenHUB Optimizes 360-degree Sound to the Shape of Your Room

09.21.15 | By
HiddenHUB Optimizes 360-degree Sound to the Shape of Your Room

Audio maker HIDDEN has been busy lately. Following up their recent compact HiddenRadio2 refresh (an update to their wireless slide-out cylinder speaker design), the SoHo New York team is aiming bigger (and louder) with an immersive and adaptive home audio system with a few tricks up its sleeve to stand out from the crowd of similar wireless audio solutions.

The HiddenHUB’s minimalist 8.5” x 2.5” cylindrical design isn’t just a hereditary nod to its smaller sibling, the HiddenRadio2, but also engineered to accommodate a technological feature which aims to improve overall sound, in essence producing bespoke audio. Within the HiddenHUB sits an array of sensors situated all around and a proprietary logic board processing the data, the HiddenHUB can analyze a room’s layout and dimensions, then dynamically regulate the frequencies for optimal sound.



A built-in accelerometer also recognizes whether the unit is placed flat or hung vertically, adjusting the output of its omnidirectional array of four HD drivers and a neodymium subwoofer to its orientation. A smart LED illumination mode turns the speaker hub into a large music-enhancing mood light while a 12 hour rechargeable battery life allows the smart speaker to be moved in and around the home. Multiple units can be stitched together into a multi-room system, with the option to add HiddenRadio and HiddenRadio2 units as satellite speakers.


If adaptive acoustic audio, multi-room playback, and LED illumination weren’t enough, the AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth compatible HiddenHUB is capable of creating its own 5GHz Wi-Fi audio streaming network, while also being aware when occupant entrance or departure to turn on or off music automatically thanks to its proximity sensor.


The edges of the unit are one giant capacitive touch sensor – a SmartDial – allowing for playback and volume controls using the swipe-tap gestures now par for the course.


The HiddenHUB is currently in Kickstarter pre-sale mode for $359, but we hope to follow up next year when we can get our hands on a review unit to see if the customizable audio performance lives up to this promising checklist of intelligent audio features.

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