High Point 2012 Showroom Spotlight: Domitalia and Woodbrook

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High Point 2012 Showroom Spotlight: Domitalia and Woodbrook

One of the showrooms we really took a shine to at High Point’s Spring 2012 Market was the Domitalia and Woodbrook spaces, located in 220 Elm. The space is light and bright featuring Domitalia’s specialty line of primarily chairs and tables for both residential and contract and Woodbrook’s signature natural yet modern designs.

There was a lot to see from Domitalia, but here are some of my favorite designs:

The lighted Phantom outdoor seating and tables were ghostly — they were even labeled “Casper”!

The Star chair by Adriano Balutto is also a sculpture.

Love the wooden base of these Echo kitchen chairs by Arter & Citton.

But there was one major standout in the Domitalia showroom: the Babà chair by Radice & Orlandini. Babà and its younger sibling, Babà Jr., are made of polyethylene and have a nifty loop at the top that acts as a handle. They’re super lightweight and therefore easy to move around. They are also available in a variety of fun colors.

… but here’s the best part: Babà is also available in white with two types of lighting options: a regular energy-saving bulb and cord to emit a white glow, or – for more adventurous party people – a rechargeable RGB LED with remote control.

Not only can you change the color, but there are a few different lighting patterns, too. I asked the sales guy at Domitalia to demonstrate the remote options:

Behind the scenes filming the video with the new Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone:

Now, let’s move on to Woodbrook. I am in love – LOVE – with this dresser. There was actually a whole set of bedroom furniture that looked like this including a headboard. Looking back on my photos, I’m pretty bummed that I didn’t take enough pictures of Woodbrook. There was a lot of good stuff there and unfortunately they don’t have a website (gasp!).

Here are great outdoor chairs by Terry Seitz for Woodbrook, they remind me of a repurposed picket fence. I took this picture about a zillion times that I think the sales people started whispering…

I love the Nokia Windows Phone has white balance settings (not to mention scene settings, too)… this is such a great feature when covering trade shows because there are tons of white backgrounds and poor lighting, so being able to adjust the white balance is huge (although I felt like I was cheating on my DSLR).

And that’s all she wrote (for now). Stay tuned for my “best in show” coming up in the next week – I think you’ll agree it’s your favorite, too.

Brought to you by the new AT&T Nokia Lumia 900.
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