The Home Aquarium Gets a Scandinavian Redesign

Dissatisfied with a few crucial flaws in current fish tanks, designer Charles Törnros and his team in Sweden decided to completely redesign the home aquarium to create a minimal, beautiful object that is also customizable.

Zebrano White

Considering how personal the home is, the Norrom team addressed three of their biggest issues with current fish tanks — materials, ugly power cables, and other loud/unsightly components. First, they used a brand new fabrication process to create the aquarium that resulted in a simple, cylindrical shape that floats on top of a cylinder base. This simple shape maximizes the surface area that can be viewed by the user, ensuring that the beauty inside is always seen. The lids and bases are constructed of exotic and stained woods, and are also interchangeable. Thus, the aquarium can be customized to users’ tastes.

5 Norrom Aquarium Combinations

All Lids

The aquarium also features a light source in the base, meaning no cables laying around, disrupting the design. The acrylic also works to diffuse the light, ensuring it stays well-lit. Lastly, all the extra accessories are hidden from view. Rather than having a filter hanging out, it is hidden in a sunken slot at the base of the rock. The air filter is also subtly housed in the base, resulting in a clean, streamlined aquarium where what’s inside is highlighted.




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