House Between the Curb by Camp Design inc.

House Between the Curb is a minimalist home located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Camp Design inc. The three-story wooden residence is situated in a quiet residential suburban area of Tokyo.The structure was built under the restrictions of utilizing fire resistance materials, height restrictions, and a few other codes specific to the area.

As a result, although the homes within the area follow a patterned procedure of design and execution, the architects wanted to create a unique house without breaking any local regulations. The architects wanted to recreate the anatomy of the architecture within the context of the traditional three-story wooden home.

Due to refractory specifications, cross beams were utilized, and as a result, created a large room with improved ventilation and natural lighting. The cross beams also serve as a rail for a series of sliding doors. By moving and replacing sliding doors, the home becomes a modular living space that can adapt to the family’s composition.

Photography by Kenta Hasegawa.

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