Hut in Tsujido by Naoi Architecture and Design Office

01.21.16 | By
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Hut in Tsujido is a minimalist residence located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Naoi Architecture & Design Office. Fortunately for the owners, the adjacent site – under the management of the city authority – was declared a “green site,” and will be kept vacant for the future.


As a result, the architects wanted to create a hut-like building to correspond with the surrounding scenery. The main floor consists of three zones, which encompass the living area, dining/kitchen area, and the utility area. The spaces are allocated in a split-level configuration, and outlined by concrete, which contrasts against the wooden floors.

The openings of the home are outfitted with grid windows, a symbolic gesture to emphasize the relationship of the building with the surrounding nature. The main structure of this house is produced in wood, while the roof is designed to as a simple truss structure with vertical struts in steel. In order to maintain the openness of the interior space with the sloped ceiling, the roof truss is exposed, but the thin steel frames of the trusses remain slightly hidden as to harmonize with the rest of the interior space.










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