HYVE: A Modular Organization System that Can Grow
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HYVE, by Herbst Produkt, is a brand spanking new modular organization system that’s currently on Kickstarter. We’ve seen a lot of similar types of products, but what makes HYVE stand out is how configurable, scalable, and multifunctional it is.

HYVE 3 Packs

HYVE Snapped Together

HYVE empty_connected

HYVE’s hexagonal shape makes it easy to arrange and fit to whatever space you put it in. Not only can it snap and lock together to sit on any surface, you can also get HYVE wall planks and magnets to make it vertical.

HYVE wall plank

Hyve magnet mounts

Hyve magnets

They come in four different colors, from a cooler green or blue to a minimal black or white. They can be used in any room in the home – from holding snacks in your pantry to holding tools in the garage, the only limit is your imagination!

HYVE center_piece

HYVE desktop

HYVE pantry

HYVE toolchest

HYVE top_down_office

HYVE wall_planks planter

Back them on Kickstarter, ending tomorrow!

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