IKEA and Raw Color Invite You to Embrace Vibrant Colors + Patterns

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IKEA and Raw Color Invite You to Embrace Vibrant Colors + Patterns

The psychological benefits of color and how it impacts our mood have been well-documented over the years. Color can be used to express our personalities, influence our well-being, and elevate our home’s ambience. Recognizing the power of colors in transforming living spaces, IKEA has joined together with Dutch design duo Raw Color, comprising Daniera ter Haar and Christoph Brach, to introduce the visually delightful TESAMMANS collection. The limited-edition collaboration invites you to infuse joy and vibrant character into your living space with 18 affordable pieces, spanning furniture, textiles, and decor.

angled shot of multi-color metal cart against a wall with portion of colorful bedding to side

TESAMMANS standout piece – the storage unit on castors – showcases bold color blocking in a sturdy yet sleek design. As the pieces gets moved throughout your space, it presents a moiré effect of an overlapping wavy pattern, displaying how colors, form, and movement can interact.

partial living room view featuring modern colorful furnishings

IKEA and Raw Color have crafted each piece to showcase the harmonious interplay of colors, materials, and shapes. Drawing inspiration from Raw Color’s unique design language, the collection boasts playful color palettes and bold patterns. Christoph Brach of Raw Color says: “We have an emotional and intuitive approach to color, exploring how different shades interact to enhance each other. Colors are never alone; they need company and it’s much like a recipe where finding the right balance is key for an object to truly sparkle.”

closeup of a stack of 5 colorfully patterned pillows

closeup of a colorful throw blanket laying across sofa ottoman

Embodying Raw Color’s design philosophy, the TESAMMANS collection takes an experimental approach to just how transformative color can be. The knitted throw, with its graphic lines and block colors, creates a mesmerizing blend that reveals distinct hues upon closer inspection. The multicolored lampshades, which come as a pendant or table lamp, showcase a stacked design transitioning from dark to light tones, producing captivating reflections as they catch the light. Daniera ter Haar of Raw Color says, “We have taken an experimental approach to exploring how colors can transform everyday objects, trying different combinations of shades and materials, playing with shapes that catch light in certain ways, and by mixing bright, saturated tones with more muted ones.”

angled view of modern dining table with colorful patterned tablecloth, layered pendant lighting, and colorful glasses

closeup of colorful glass bottles and glasses on a table

Maria O’Brian, Creative Leader at IKEA of Sweden, expresses the collection’s essence: “With TESAMMANS, we want to inspire people to express themselves and bring joy to their everyday lives. It’s a collaboration that enables people to add unique design pieces and create colorful spaces to reflect their personality. Raw Color’s unique creative approach has inspired and challenged us to work with colors in new ways.”

partial view of bedroom with round side table holding a lamp with multi layered shade

closeup view of a lamp with three layered shade

partial view of a desk slash craft table with various accessories on it

two people squatting beside a colorful rolling cart

person looking up to hanging mobile

The IKEA and Raw Color TESAMMANS collection is set to launch across all IKEA markets in April 2024, so be on the lookout as it will probably sell out fast.

Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.