IKEA Enters the Smart Home Monitoring Game With a Trio of Safety Sensors

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IKEA Enters the Smart Home Monitoring Game With a Trio of Safety Sensors

As an early adopter of IKEA’s first wave of smart home devices – speakers, light bulbs, air purifiers, and even roller shades – we were always left with the feeling the world’s largest furniture retailer was still missing a few essential pieces of the smart home pie. While the Swedish brand invested in bringing an array of smart charging, illuminating, and connected audio devices, until now IKEA had yet to serve the home monitoring category. The introduction of VALLHORN, PARASOLL, and BADRING arrives as a welcome addition, bringing affordable, and easy-to-install home monitoring solutions in typical IKEA fashion.

PARASOLL door and window sensor shown on top of teenager's bedroom door

PARASOLL is a discrete sensor designed to mount on windows and doors similar to offerings from SimpliSafe and SmartThings. IKEA’s slim sensor is designed to keep tabs whenever an entry point is opened or closed via app notification.

IKEA Vallhorn motion detection sensor set on table next to smart phone with IKEA app opened.

VALLHORN is an indoor and outdoor wireless motion sensor equipped with lights that illuminate upon detecting movement. Additionally, the light’s colors and intensity are adjustable.

IKEA BADRING water leak sensor near washing machine on checkered floor

The third sensor, BADRING, is engineered to keep tabs upon the most expensive of residential concerns: water leakage. Placed near areas where water might be of concern, the discrete device notifies users upon detecting leaks, through sending mobile notifications or activation of its built-in alarm.

IKEA smart home lamp, speaker and monitoring family of devices displayed on small purple top pedestals.

All three of IKEA’s smart sensors rely upon Zigbee software for its app communication and connectivity protocol, and are designed to work within the IKEA Home smart system ecosystem, each smart safety product has a clear function and connects seamlessly to the DIRIGERA Hub for an easy and customizable experience.

Pricing has yet to be revealed but expect the PARASOLL and VALLHORN to arrive at an IKEA near you this month, with the BADRING water sensor scheduled for a spring appearance in April 2024.

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