In Tbilisi, Stamba Hotel Takes a Page from a Former Soviet Printing Press

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In Tbilisi, Stamba Hotel Takes a Page from a Former Soviet Printing Press

In Georgia, Adjara Group turned the headquarters of a publishing house which used to print communist newspapers into a modern, brutalist hotel.

Stamba Hotel is located on the main thoroughfare of Kostava Street in the Vera district of Tbilisi. In this charming, historic quarter you’ll find up-market restaurants rub shoulder to shoulder with monumental buildings from the Georgian National Opera Theatre to the former Parliament of Georgia building and the Kashveti Church.

Trees grow within the hotel’s “glass lobby,” supported by a print drying beam that was a part of the publishing house’s original structure.

One of the most eye-catching features is a five-story high atrium with a glass-bottomed pool as a roof. The waves of light travel through the pool and flood the lobby and the trees growing inside with a soft, dappled glow.

The interiors include soviet-era pendant lamps, Georgian literature and artwork on the shelves in the guest rooms, as well as sculptures made by Georgian artists.

What: Stamba Hotel
Where: 14 Merab Kostava Street, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia
How much? Room prices start at USD $220
Highlights: Modern brutalist hotel renovated from a Soviet publishing house in the historic area of Tbilisi
Design draw: A 5 story atrium, jungle lobby, glass-bottom swimming pool, soviet-era pendant lamps, Georgian books, artwork and sculptures
Book it: Visit Stamba Hotel

Photos by Adjara Group.

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