Increase Your Productivity + Conquer Your To-Do List with Analog

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Increase Your Productivity + Conquer Your To-Do List with Analog

These days, it seems like my to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer. If you’re like me, you love trying out new apps and systems that promise to improve your productivity, but often times they’re more work to upkeep and manage. In the end, I always return to pen, paper, and a simple check box to-do list, which is why the Analog system designed by Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk is so appealing to me. It’s designed as a physical companion for the digital tools I still have an obligation to use (like Slack and Google Calendar) to help me prioritize all my to-do’s for the day and for the future.

The Analog system has two components. There are the monthly card packs, which are beautifully designed with rounded corners and printed on 100# smooth uncoated paper stock. Each pack includes 35 Today cards (to keep track of your most urgent tasks), 10 Next cards (to keep track of tasks that need to be done but not today), and 5 Someday cards (to keep track of your more lofty goals and ideas that don’t have a deadline). On the back of all the cards is a simple grid design for jotting notes and ideas.

Jeff Sheldon, the designer of Analog and founder of Ugmonk, has researched various productivity systems and used the most basic system in designing Analog. Using the Task Signals and Card Signals, you can make the most of the Today card.

The second component is the wooden card holder that stores all your cards and keeps one Today card upright so you can keep it at the forefront of your workstation.

The whole system is simple but brilliant. We don’t need fancy apps or gimmicky journals to accomplish our tasks and goals. We just need to pare it down to basics.

Analog is available on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its $6,000 goal with $397,000+ in pledges. You still have time to pledge and get a discount when Analog starts shipping in October but hurry, the Kickstarter ends on Friday, August 7, 2020 7:59 AM PDT!

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