Jaw Dropping Design by i29 Interior Architects

This residence at the Singel, Amsterdam is yet another amazing project by i29 Interior Architects, one of my absolute favorite interior architecture firms. i29 is innovative in their approach, but they are able to keep their designs so simple by combining materials in such an awe inspiring way while maintaining an incredible sense of calmness. This design takes things one step further outside the box, or maybe I should say inside the walls. This space is made up of freestanding objects and interior volumes. Within the space you feel the openness, but the interior of the volumes feel very intimate. The kitchen and wardrobe are contained within one volume near the entrance. The burled walnut is so rich against the white epoxy floors and white walls. This space seriously takes my breath away!

I studied the design of this bathroom for about 10 minutes before I realized that the exterior walls are not glass that allows the connection between the indoors and outdoors, but that they are a living Plantwall that is actually inside the bathroom and acts as a backdrop for the entire interior. The bathroom is enclosed on three sides and on the top so when inside it feels like an intimate space although from the exterior it appears to be floating out in the open.

Integration of nature is an important aspect of traditional culture in Japan, the homeland of the client. i29 achieved this through the use of this Plantwall which falls behind the staircase and the volume which encloses the bathroom. The Plantwall creates a sense of mystery as it shoots through the entire volume of the space and continues onto the rooftop where the stairs eventually lead you. The combination of organic materials makes this minimalistic and modern structure feel warm and inviting. What an incredible design! No wonder this project was nominated for the Bathroom Design Awards 2010. It definitely gets my vote!

Study the plans to get a better feel for the layout of the space.