The Jaw-Dropping Laser-Cut Wood Art of Gabriel Schama

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The Jaw-Dropping Laser-Cut Wood Art of Gabriel Schama
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It all began with a few x-acto knives, cut paper, and mixed vintage materials. A kickstarter and a few years later, Oakland-based artist Gabriel Schama is creating large scale, laser-cut wood sculptures that mesmerize with their intricate swirls and patterns.


Beginning with meticulous cutting and glueing, Gabriel first began finding “surrealism in abstraction.” Layers upon layers of paper would be meticulously cut and glued together to create colorful, 3D sculptures. Geometry and colors make bold, almost psychedelic patterns.


After a successfully funded kickstarter campaign, Gabriel was equipped with a laser cutter in his own studio. While he’s always made silhouette pieces, they’re making a reappearance in his most recent work after time spent focusing on abstract works. These jaw-dropping portraits are created with monochromatic, laser-cut wood to form an enthralling, multi-dimensional sculpture.




h/t My Modern Met, Hi-Fructose, Colossal

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