F5: Josh Wyatt’s Favorite Restaurant, the Future of Design + More

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F5: Josh Wyatt’s Favorite Restaurant, the Future of Design + More

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Josh Wyatt, CEO at NeueHouse, can be described as a driven entrepreneur, organizational leader and investor. He finds his inspiration in hospitality, leisure, wellness and membership clubs. One of his biggest career accomplishments is having been credited with creating and scaling the world’s first design-led, global hostel business – Generator Hostels. Josh has worked with teams in the hospitality, entertainment and culture industries to create, design and operate iconic properties around the world, most recently opening NeueHouse in the historic Bradbury building in Downtown Los Angeles. NeueHouse is a private workspace and cultural home for creators, innovators and thought-leaders. Guided by communities that are centered on creative, artistic, entrepreneurial and intellectually-driven people and businesses, he’s dedicated to creating architectural and hospitality moments that bring people together.

Today Josh is joining us for Friday Five!

interior of home-like restaurant with striped banquet

Casa Tua Miami \\\ Photo courtesy Shawn O’Connor

1. Eating and My Favorite Restaurant: Casa Tua in Miami
During 2020, we recalibrated our decisions to eat in restaurants. This made me appreciate, more than ever, true hospitality from the heart. My favorite restaurants are those that inspire a warm sense of belonging and calm, underpinned by a sense of embrace (don’t we all need an embrace right about now?!). I always feel at home when I visit Casa Tua in Miami.

green set of 4 glasses and carafe

Photo courtesy Fotografiska

2. Upcycling: Linn Haggbring Glasses
Sustainability is a buzz word that can become too generic. I believe in changing the world one small decision at a time. These wine/water glasses by Linn Haggbring show us how items can be re-used in a fashionable yet responsible way. Every sip of water (or preferably wine) reminds me of our duty to our planet.

interior installation of arches of greenery and flowers

Moongates by Lily Kwong Studios \\\ Photo courtesy Lily Kwong

3. Landscape Art: Moongates by Lily Kwong
Landscape art must take on increasing importance in the design of cities, buildings and public spaces. Landscape artists like Lily Kwong should be the new design and art rockstars of our generation.

bottle of tequila balanced between agave leaves

Mijenta Tequila \\\ Photo courtesy Mijenta Tequila

4. Drinking That Makes You Feel Good: Mijenta Tequila
COVID has had all of us retreating to our homes, and perhaps imbibing more often than normal. Given this, I want to feel inspired by what I put in my body, even when being a bit naughty. Crafted by Ana Maria Romero, Mijenta is a small batch artisanal tequila that is carefully crafted with a commitment to environmental sustainability and support for its community of farmers in Jalisco.

light green record player case on white background

Photo courtesy Crosley Vinyl

5. Listening: Crosley Vinyl
Pairing a good tequila with proper vinyl is my way to relax and lose myself in thought. COVID has been a bit of a time machine in a way – and that is a good thing. Going back to basics, to a simpler way of listening and interacting, is a very good thing for the soul.

Work by Josh Wyatt:

interior of multi-level building

Atrium \\\ Photo: Nikolas Koenig

interior of modern cafe and bar

Cafe Bar \\\ Photo: Nikolas Koenig

interior room with large windows, chairs, coffee table, fireplace and wood floors

Communal Space \\\ Photo: Nikolas Koenig

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