Keep it up All-You-Can-Eat-Press… We Are Hungry for More!

02.26.20 | By
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Recently while strolling the aisles of New York’s Shoppe Object Show at Pier 36, we stumbled across an amazing designer, and fellow food aficionado, Yuki Matsuo. Her passion project, All-You-Can-Eat-Press, is a Brooklyn-based independent publishing company that celebrates everyday food for everyday people.

United by a mutual love for vernacular cuisine and the unique flavor of the surrounding local culture, its founders follow their hearts (and stomachs) to find new favorite dishes, restaurants and specialty shops, then serve them up in brightly wrapped, easily-digestible portions to food lovers everywhere.

The level of detail that these colorful pamphlets divulge of the best of the best of quintessential New York foods is beyond impressive. Needless to say, they did their homework. Their very first publication was the New York Doughnut Map. But you can now explore the finest Diners, Oysters, Ramen joints, Chinatown haunts, Pizza, and Burgers through these thoughtful guides! And her recent Paris editions on les meilleurs Croissants and Hot Chocolates are ON POINT!

And if you’re true NY food nerds… her guidebook that features 21 of New York’s favorite restaurants, which have already vanished, is epic. This zine-like collection of nostalgic photographs acts like a warning of what we are losing: an incredibly precious cultural heritage. Printed in Japan, each page pays homage and acts as a thank you to the mom-and-pop businesses that once lined New York’s streets.

Pinch Food Design, the duo of Bob Spiegel and TJ Girard, is a top-tier NYC culinary veterans with extensive experience in event catering and design. Pinch writes the Design Milk column called Taste.