Keep Your Home Fresh + Your To-Do List Short With the Litter-Robot 4

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Keep Your Home Fresh + Your To-Do List Short With the Litter-Robot 4

I’ve been a proud cat parent for the past 23 years and have loved just about every minute of it. The relationships I’ve built with the four cats I’ve adopted over the years are stronger than I have with some people. But my relationship with their litter boxes is a very different story. If you have cats I’m sure you can relate – litter being tracked everywhere, staying on a scooping schedule, and keeping everything inside the box leaves a lot to be desired. While I’ve heard plenty about self-cleaning litter boxes, I’ve been hesitant to introduce one to my cats as they can be, well, finicky about new things. Then we met Whisker’s Litter-Robot 4.

tabby cat standing inside white self-cleaning litter box in styled living space

Technological evolution wasn’t something I considered when making the decision to have my cats test a self-cleaning litter box, but it’s evident in every aspect of the Litter-Robot 4. Whisker, previously known as AutoPets, has been a leader in pet care for over two decades. The Litter-Robot 4 is the fourth generation of their self-cleaning litter box, designed by 35+ engineers working off of 22 years of feedback and advancements and four years of product development. A lot is packed into its compact body: advanced litter-sifting technology, real-time monitoring, health insights, odor neutralization, and more.

black and white cat standing inside black self-cleaning litter box in styled living space

I was admittedly nervous that my cats, Rainey and Remy, might be against trying the Litter-Robot 4, so I introduced it to them in stages. After it was delivered and unboxed, I put the 29.5 x 22 x 27-inch unit (without litter) in the same room as their old litter box. They were able to familiarize themselves with any smell attached to it before the next step a few days later: adding litter. I wanted the cats to know it was for them and that they could use it as easily as their other litter box (that was still in the room). Lastly, a few days later I turned the Litter-Robot 4 on and set the timer. The QuietSift™ technology was surprisingly quiet, reducing motor noise for the self-cleaning cycles. You don’t have to bring it into your home in this way, it was just what I thought my cats would respond to.

brown and white cat standing inside white self-cleaning litter box in styled living space

The best part though? Litter-Robot 4’s extra large, tightly sealed waste drawer only needs to be emptied once every two weeks (for one cat), cutting your daily chore list. The OdorTrap™ System also uses carbon filters and offers you the option of odor-absorbing bead packs to neutralize odors further.

But that’s not where the features end. The Litter-Robot 4’s EasyRead™ control panel has a five-color LED display and indicator lights to manage cleaning times, SleepMode, night lights, and more. The SafeCat™ and OmniSense™ detection system works great for accurately detecting your cat and providing safety. OmniSense™ also includes real-time waste drawer level and real-time litter level indications to save you more time and effort. The easy-to-setup Whisker mobile app even allows users to remotely monitor these levels, cat weight, and litter box activity. The weight function is especially valuable in our household, as I’m always keeping track of my two indoor cats. A fence helps prevent litter from being kicked out – my pet peeve – and reduces litter-tracking. And when it comes to cleaning, the EasyClean™ modular components – including the main globe – are designed to be soaked for deep-cleaning and fast reassembly.

brown and white cat standing inside black self-cleaning litter box in styled living space

The durable Litter-Robot 4 weighs in a 24 lbs, is available in black or white, and includes an option for a handle or step. If you decide your cat/s should try it out, it will ship free and arrive with a WhiskerCare™ 1-Year Warranty (with a 3-year plan available for purchase) and 90-day in-home trial. Whisker’s Litter-Robot 4 is exclusively available to purchase at They’re also currently offering 40% off of their cat furniture!

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