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Editor’s note: Please welcome our newest contributor, Annie May of Yolksy. She is a writer, interior designer, and an overall inspiration. Learn more about Annie on our About page.

Design is not just about making spaces look amazing, but it’s about bringing rooms to life and telling stories through environments. The emotions created and stories fashioned within the space should evoke strong memories that will carry on. Studioilse is the champion of creating brands that are modern and emotional that can be smelt, heard, and felt. The transformation of Kettner’s Restaurant and Bar in London is just another example of their fine work. They returned Kettner’s to its former glory of a once famous meeting place of many great writers and actors. These theatrical roots are expressed through the dramatic interiors full of glitz and glam, classic sophistication, elegant extras, and that modern vibrant flair.

“We wanted to return Kettner’s to its rightful place for all kinds of people of all ages, to have fun,” says Studioilse’s Ilse Crawford. “We’ve created different worlds within the space to suit different times of the day and different occasions, and to revive its slightly risqué Bohemian culture as a central Soho Landmark for generations to come”. Each room in this space is alive and takes on it’s own character, check out the leading ladies!

Let’s take a tour of a few rooms, shall we?

This lovely table sure does stand out in the crowd! Wonder who she’s waiting for…oh the suspense?

kettner's apartment

The bright colors just glow in this swanky den. The shapes, volumes, and textures create such a great scene. I think the blue sofa is the leading actor and that high back chair with its soft curves is definitely the leading lady!

kettner's apartment

The Apartment, with it’s sculptural seating, contrasting high gloss black laquer, reflective accents, and the dark wood paneling, is just asking for the juicy details to be revealed.

kettner's brasserie

The Brassiere featuring white bentwood chairs, marble tabletops, and tufted velvet high-back sofas is the perfect place for a date…sophisticated with a sexy twist.

kettner's champagne bar

The Champagne Room is rockin’ with style. Don’t even expect the ordinary here!

kettner's the studio

If you want to keep your scenes private, The Studio is for you.

[Fashion photos: Hugh Stewart, Brett Brogan, Lucas Allen, and Belinda Zollo]