Khalil Jamal Presents His First Collection of Modular Furniture

01.18.16 | By
Khalil Jamal Presents His First Collection of Modular Furniture

Designer Khalil Jamal is set to launch his first furniture collection at this year’s Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto. The three-piece collection, which includes a seat, a side table, and a shelving unit, was inspired by the dynamic colors and forms found in Italy’s Memphis Group, Piet Mondrian’s reductionist paintings, and reconfigurable children’s toys.


The pieces are modular inviting you to interact with them to modify their appearance and function to best suit your needs. You can refigure them to get the composition you prefer that accommodates your space.


The CLIP Seat holds four soft cushions like a paper clip holds sheets of paper together. Each cushion, which is trimmed in colorful piping, can be used stacked as a chair or spread out as floor cushions.



The COLUMN Table resembles the iconic children’s stacking toy letting you re-stack the 22 rings along the center post as you wish. Each disc is made of thick felt attached to thin powder-coated aluminum in vibrant colors.




The NEO-NEO Shelf references a Mondrian painting but in 3D form. An aluminum frame holds removable shelves that can also be used as trays.


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