Kruze Lounge Chair by David Fox
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Kruze Lounge Chair

Industrial designer David Fox collaborated with Boss Design to create a lounge chair that could’ve earned an A in ultra-advanced woodshop and advanced sewing class (the highest level, the one that all honors-y students would want to get into). Not only can you sit pretty in it, but the chair itself sits pretty by itself. Its wooden curves are constructed out of walnut and the black upholstery nestled inside includes high-quality stitching. Although the chair is aimed at corporate, domestic, and hotel lounging areas, it seems like it’s aimed at people who have an affinity towards comfort and woodsy-but-not-exactly-woodsy beauty. Thanks to its polished aluminum base and central column, it isn’t entirely your standard wooden piece of furniture. Instead, it’s a nicely-crafted piece that is easy as on the eyes as it is on the person who sits in it (yes, it provides great comfort, too).