Colorful Kitchen Goods & Accessories from La Mamba

Besides having a cute name, Spanish design studio La Mamba makes equally cute and fun accessories for the home. They take ordinary, everyday items, like dry food containers, and add a colorful twist that brings a fun touch to any room.

La Mamba Branches 2

Branches (featured above) is La Mamba’s take on the classic salt & pepper shakers that are modeled after tree branches in nature.

La Mamba  Branches 3

La Mamba  Dalton 3

No Mason jars here – Dalton is a set of dry food canisters inspired by old candy containers. They come in three different sizes, and its bent shape makes it more ergonomic.

La Mamba Dalton

La Mamba Dalton 4

La Mamba Dalton 2

La Mamba Parallels 4

Lastly, there’s Parallels, a simple analog wall clock that is inspired by ancient sundials. The ridged surface is reminiscent of the shadows cast on traditional sundials. The clock can be hung vertically, or set horizontally on a flat surface, making shadows more distinct.

La Mamba Parallels -2

La Mamba Parallels

La Mamba  Parallels 3

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