Låmpion Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifer

Barcelona based studio Stefan Radev & Partners recently dropped an eye-catching piece of audio equipment into our inbox. Designed for Danish audio brand, the Låmpion Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifer is a compact amplifier designed to work with an existing audio system or a standalone unit.



A tasteful combination of wood and aluminum swathe from front to back, hints of automotive detailing evident in the curved perforated matte metal bottom-sides and top, all providing airflow to cool the 20+20 watt amplifier’s circuitry. Topped with twin vacuum tubes and two-dial control (check out the dual hand analog balance), the design’s RCA 845 custom tubes (both protected under glass) are engineered to produce both a warmer sound while soothing the nostalgic audiophile pangs of analog days gone by. Just don’t mistake the Låmpion Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifer as a complete retro device: the amp is engineered to satisfy the digital needs of today with streaming wi-fi audio, micro-USB and Lightning connectors, and iOS and Android compatibility.




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